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Other Engagement Services

Review, Compilations, Special Reports

We conduct also other engagements for firms in all legal structures.


A review provides limited assurance that no material changes are needed to the financial statements. A review is useful for management and others who need a "Does it make sense?" analysis and is the basis for determining if material modification to the information is necessary.

Compilation Engagements

A compilation provides no assurance. The CPA takes data provided by the client and puts it into financial statement format. Since no analysis is provided the CPA provides no opinion.

Uses for Review and Compilation:

Review of the risk managment and monitoring system
Review of internal control systems and business processes
Review of special financial reports
Due diligence
Review of environmental information systems and environmental reports
Credit checks and depot review
Review of restructuring plans
Analysis of balance sheets with the most modern balance methods
Review of the reasonability of prices, cost allocation and license fees

Special Reports

Types of special reports may include reports on specified elements, accounts, or other items of the financial statements, or compliance with aspects of contractual agreements or regulatory requirements.

Reporting on Pro Forma Financial Information

Pro forma financial staements are based on historical information with the consideration of an event or transaction that has not occurred as of the financial statement date, or are restatedto provide the information as if the event or transaction has occurred.