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Fraud Investigation, Prevention and Deterrence

Fraud Detection

Is it possible to quantify and calculate losses due to fraud?

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inc. (ACFE) states that "measuring the cost of occupational fraud is an important, yet incredibly challenging, endeavor". Furthermore, "the inherently clandestine nature of fraud means that many cases will never be revealed, and, of those that are, the full amount of losses might not be uncovered, quantified or reported".

Therefore, the true costs are incalculable.

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Importance of the Employees

Your employees are the key!

Nothing is more important than the awareness of your employees in the fight against fraud. The truth is that internal control can (nearly) never be as good as the fraudsters. If your employees do not understand what is fraud is, that it's illegal and dangerous to their own job and to their employer, then the best internal control does not have a chance.